Sunday, December 28, 2008

Create your future

“The experience of the manifestation of your potential”: this is why you are here! I also gave you in my last Blog a few guidelines how to find your potential but I’m still convinced that you better get a specialized coach (like Stien who does Human Design Coaching more info to help you in this process. The next part is to create the future according to your potential. This means that you project your ideas and dreams, which hold the items of your potential into a field in the future. Like I want to be a therapist in 10 years time which is the year 20??. Projecting is in many ways like the old fashioned slideshow. You hold the image in front of a light beam and it is projected onto a screen, which is placed at a distance. So you hold the picture in your mind and visualize it onto your future screen. You create the future field and the (unfilled) path from the present till then. Once you created the field you come back and let the forces do their work.
This might seem a bit all to far fetched for you but through personal experience I know it works. In fact I recently read in the book Interface by Paul Lee (Osteopath DO) that on an embryologic level this is actually exactly what happens. In the book there is a reference to the work of Blechschmidt who is a famous embryologist. It describes by example of the growth of the arm that there is first the creation of a field within the amniotic fluid that has the form of the arm. This is that before the proliferation of the cells an energetic arm is projected, beamed and only then when this has been created the cell proliferation starts to fill the created field. In other words there is first the idea of the arm then the projection of the arm and only then the arm is created by multiplication of the cells (protoplasm).

Idea ¬¬~ blue print of the potential (Mind) precedes the fluid preparation ~ Life Forces (Spirit) after which the structure is formed (Matter) according to the energetic profile.

Therefore the creation of the arm is in complete tune with the Body Mind Spirit concept. But also with the philosophy of the Tao Te Ching which says that Wuji or the non-existence precedes the Youji the existence. One doesn’t have to go so far to find other examples… to build a house, the idea precedes the plan or outline before it can be constructed.

So no more I’ll see what the future brings but create that future

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why am I here? Insight into Soulpurpose.

The question: "Why am I here?" might have come across your mind too like it has in mine. Want to know my insight?

I think the answer lies in your soul purpose... Soul purpose being the reason why you are here! No I'm not trying to be funny. You ask the question why am I... soul purpose says why you are: Am I - You are. So by finding out soul purpose you'll get the answer an soul purpose is not really that difficult to find! You just have to ask yourself a few pertinent questions that give you insight into your potential. What makes you - you.

Potential is for everyone different , it can have the same ingredients but the combination of it is always a unique code. Parts of potential can already be manifested others lie dormant within us always ready to be found. To give you an example Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) had the potential of being a Jedi but until Obi One thought him the use of it was dormant. As soon as Luke started the training it felt like it was a homecoming and he demonstrated an easyness to learn it. This is the key... potentials are felt like you've always known them once you're starting to familiarize yourself with them. Potentials have also manifested themselves during your lifetime and most of the time you would have felt ONE, on top of the world, in your element when it manifested itself. I, for example organized many years ago a wine appreciation course: How to taste wine. I made a booklet with images (graphic design), I created a one hour lecture (research), organized get togethers style tupperare parties where I would then give my lecture and then guided the participants into a two hour tasting (teacher). On every part of the way I was in my element... I just loved the whole process till the end and the most amazing part was that giving a lecture like that to a group of people even though I had never done it was like second nature. I was structured, to the point and people hung to my every word. Even years later I was approached by someone who said how wonderful she had found the evening I had organized. These moments were when I was unknowingly manifesting my potential. Another example and this one I was already manifesting since I was a kid (but never paid any attention to it) was that I just loved given people a shoulder massage. I had no clue what I was doing but the reaction was always the same people loved it. Yes you can say but people always like that and maybe true but not everyone does it... does it from instinct and likes to do it...
So what have you done and felt that you were ONE? That you were doing something that made you feel fantastic? What element exactly made it just that special? Analyze it and see what potential lies in it... Are you working with that potential? Are you creating someting with the combination of potentials? What can you do with it? You might need to go back to school (like I did to become an osteopath)
Now to come back to our quest: Why are you here? The answer surely must ly in the experience of the manifestation of your potential - soulpurpose. And know you might not know what that experience is... But this is why you are here, to bring, manifest your potential into this life... To pick up your purpose in the great scheme of Life, the World, the Universe...