Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Facilitator

As a facilitator of the healing process where does the participation start? At the moment the person who’ healing system is impeded walks in or already before when that person has made the phone call? I’m not surprised anymore when people say that whatever they had is already much better, or not so intense anymore. So was there already an interaction? Or did this have nothing to do with the facilitator and was it just the psychophysiology of the person at work - knowing that help is on the way - letting go and acceptance of fate instigating relaxation.

Maybe the healing process started when the facilitator decided to be just that. Whenever it started it is an interesting exercise to just stop and think what am I doing. Who am I in this process? What is my role? What is my goal? It is so easy to fall into the trap: Look what I did...

At the end all I do is make an action or process easier, I facilitated a role they call in chemistry a catalyst, no more no less. In each person health is present. Like a puzzle all the pieces are there, the puzzle is whole but is it whole as the picture on the box? How many pieces are out of place? With the latter you have to deal with while constructing the puzzle to its full potential, reflecting the picture on the box. But ones there do you ask yourself questions about how you got there. When you feel healthy do you ask yourself why you are healthy?

My aim is to facilitate a process towards the whole picture, to the person’s full potential. Imagine a moment where you felt whole. “Hold that moment.” What defines that moment? What feelings and thoughts are associated with that moment? Would you say that whatever it is that you are feeling now and the thoughts associated are strongly correlated with the word “free”: Free in mind, free in body, free in spirit, being on top of the world, unlimited, no strings...

Isn’t it then that this “Free” is the ultimate platform for healing? I believe it is. I also believe this is for which we are the facilitators: We go in, we let the matrix unfold, be free again and come out. We facilitate healing, the person becoming whole again. Only then can the curative healing start to take place: This can be in the instant itself or slowly unfold itself over the next days.

Just like breathing, for breathing in you need the facilitation of muscles, then you have a dynamic still point, a moment between the in and out breath to be followed automatically as a result of the facilitated breathing in the breathing out occurs. No facilitation by muscles is needed. Try it: breath in hold and what comes automatically when you let go... How does it feel letting go...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How The Reconenction Changed my work

In my personal story with the Reconnection I describe how I got interested in this work. But what kind of impact has it had so far on my work as an osteopathic Body Coach. Well it is as Eric Pearl describes it is like having an upgrade done in your software. The upgrade has more capacity, is faster and you can do more with it at the same time. This new frequency does just that.

My - feeling, interacting, facilitating - hands now receive far more sensations then ever before. These sensations are also far intenser. When I worked on or above the body I always had the feeling my hands were resting on a cloud or on the surface of water. I sensed a tension field and interacted with that. This tension fields are still there but I feel them as coming through much stronger and the are heavier, weightier.

But not only I am feeling this, all my patients in the last weeks have commented on feeling more interactions within them and also reported light and an uncontrollable desire to smile. These reactions are felt a soon as I interact with the frequency. One even reported two clicks in his head like heavy switches that were pushed on.

These feelings and patient feedbacks started as soon as I had my personal reconnection done. However then I wasn’t aware of the exact use of the frequency. Now that I followed the course and that I’m applying the more specific approach I can feel that I stepped up another level.

I can’t explain why this is. I only know that it is real: I can feel it, patients are reporting new sensations and feelings of wellbeing that they hadn’t felt before.

I’m not trying to convince you but can only recommend that you try it. Start of with on or two Reconnective Healing sessions and feel and see for yourself and then you can decide if you want to upgrade to your next level of evolution. I know for sure one thing I don’t want to go back. Just like when I got my computer software upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac) I’ve never looked back.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Workshop BioMotions Body-Coaching

My second workshop BioMotions Body-Coaching has taken place on Monday. In my workshops I pass on a very simple principle that when applied has a great impact on an overstretched nervous system through accumulation of stress or a trauma.

Already a day later one of the attendees had used the approach at work when a colleague complained of feeling tired, had a headache and a stiff neck. The receiver send him afterwards an email thanking him for the result this little intervention had had: "I feel much better not only in my body but also in mind and spirit."

Reactions of the first group of attendees were pretty much similar... it's so amazing. I use it every day in my practice and see what it does but now that I'm passing on this approach I'm so grateful and even more convinced that its seeds must be spread.