Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Workshop BioMotions Body-Coaching

My second workshop BioMotions Body-Coaching has taken place on Monday. In my workshops I pass on a very simple principle that when applied has a great impact on an overstretched nervous system through accumulation of stress or a trauma.

Already a day later one of the attendees had used the approach at work when a colleague complained of feeling tired, had a headache and a stiff neck. The receiver send him afterwards an email thanking him for the result this little intervention had had: "I feel much better not only in my body but also in mind and spirit."

Reactions of the first group of attendees were pretty much similar... it's so amazing. I use it every day in my practice and see what it does but now that I'm passing on this approach I'm so grateful and even more convinced that its seeds must be spread.

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