Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Change Units

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re body was holding you back in achieving your goals? I see frequently patients that although they do not voice it in this way when I bring this question up it strikes a chord. It resonates with how they have been feeling lately.

When I start working with them I can also feel it. The body feels dens and compressed immobilized.

I think that a possibly explanation is that our body is just saturated. Imagine what your body has to deal with on a daily - yearly basis and compare this how it was 50 to 100 years ago. Everything goes faster, we need to do more in a shorter period of time but do we allow ourselves to adjust? The life-changes we go through are sometimes so densely packed in a short period of time : changing country, home, job, making new friends...

Can you imagine that change even positive has an impact on your physical wellbeing? If you’re not convinced have a look on the following link where you’ll find the Holmes and Rahe social readjustment scale and count your LCU’s (Life Change Units). This scale is over a 1 year period.

We haven’t learned to think about the body as a vehicle that needs time to adjust to change. We haven’t learned that our body is limited in what it can deal with. We never had to think about it change was something sporadic. But now we’ve well passed the threshold of what our physical body can cope with.

Business people that travel a lot have subconsciously understood this. They go frequently for a massage when they are on a business trip and from the perspective given here above I can only say that they are right to do so.

Bodywork helps the body to deal with the change process. Osteopathic Body-Coaching goes a step further it makes you light again and allows the normalisation of the biophysiological interferences (Body’s survival mode / Fight - Flight - Freeze mechanism that is over active when chronically over-stimulated) so that body and mind are again realigned and reconnect with each other.

So how are you feeling today? Are you still performing as well as you know you can or is something holding you back?

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