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Unwinding the Matrix



Unwinding the Matrix

How do we feel when we’re healthy?

Free, light, aligned, connected... in body, mind and spirit.

BioMotions® Body-Coaching (B®B-C) is a healing1 approach that unwinds the tangled body matrix to return to that feeling of freedom on a body, mind and spirit level.

The B®B-C facilitator interacts with the movements of life that are forthcoming in the physical body and body field. He/she follows this flow actively without interfering until a point of equilibrium is reached. Equilibrium is attained when the physical body or body field is in a state of dynamic stillness. This balance point is where a metabolic and energetic change takes place, a moment where the body engages to “reset” & “reconnect” itself with the innate healing mechanism. The unwinding process or disengagement is the natural consequence that follows.

This procedure is repeated several times on different parts of the body and in the body field, wherever is required to return the body matrix to a maximum - as it allows - unwound state.

The body is the sole keeper and provider of health. B®B-C does’t cure, the facilitator that uses the B®B-C approach in his / her therapy work applies it to catalyze a process that needed a little push to realign itself with its inherent knowing.

B®B-C is simple and as close to nature as you can get. You can compare it with breathing where there is an active participation of muscles during the breathing in phase. What follows is a dynamic stillness before the exhalation sets in. Exhalation itself is without effort a natural return and outcome of the inhalation phase.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Albert Einstein

B®B-C increases the inherent healing mechanism and therefore offers a wide range of benefits. It can be used to promote recovery after an injury but also a part of a wellness program to keep you healthy1.

B®B-C is recommended to accompany all forms of therapy wellbeing techniques including psychotherapy and coaching. B®B-C has proved to have a big influence on trauma related experiences that have triggered the Fight-Flight response (survival mode)2.

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1 The root meaning of health is “wholeness.” The word comes from the same Anglo-Saxon root that gives us whole, hale, and holy.

2 Read more about this topic on

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