Friday, October 24, 2008

Pro Action Café for therapists in Brussels

Now here is something I'm all excited about a pro action café for therapists based in Brussels. The idea stemmed from a long yearning to meet other professionals in the field of health care to share experiences and good practice ideas. As 'independants' we are most of the time working alone, our marketing we do by ourselves... but does it have to be that way?
So to continue my search of how can I make a change (see last blog) the idea re-emerged to organize a get together and go a step further then just to share experiences but also to put a few pertinent questions forward on which we can put our collective intelligence towards and see what answers emerge... questions on marketing, how we can profile ourselves in times of economic crisis (time when people can use us more to relax and re-focus but usually we're the first ones the be scrapped to cut costs) but also on what is our ecological footprint as therapist and how can we reduce it.
All questions that need answers now as change is all around and more around the corner. The event will take place on the 26 of November and I'm sure a blog will appear in the days afterwards with some insights.

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