Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Part II

When I read the article in GVA: "Bewezen: chronische vermoeidheid is geen ingebeelde ziekte", I straight away thought about my own experience with this condition: in short, I eliminated gluten out of my diet and the symptoms of CFS went away. So my first thought when I had read the article was that gluten were responsible for high levels of H2S as mentioned in the article (or see my previous blog).

They are but not as I thought they were. I discovered through visiting many webpages on this subject that sulfate containing amino acids were on the basis of H2S production so I thought that breads were probably supplying this... but in fact most vegetables and meats do. So I got confused... as apparently there wasn't a link... but as I said gluten is however partly responsable.

The problem situates itself in the fact that Sulfate in normal conditions is taken up by the blood stream in the bowels... only if the gut lining is inflamed or damaged this process is slowed down and bacteria get to it first. The bacteria have now access to more Sulfate to convert into Hydrogen Sulfate causing a hightened production... a bit of the stuff is healthy (regulates blood presure, body temperature etc) but "trop is te veel..." and then it becomes toxic and has an negative efect on the cells (It forms a complex bond with iron in the mitochondrial cytochrome enzymes, thereby blocking oxygen from binding and stopping cellular respiration causing fatigue etc)

Inflamation of the gut mucosa or worse, damaged lining of the gut through the auto immune disease Coeliacie are caused by gluten... these conditions prevent nutrients and sulfate to be easily absorbed resulting in bacteria having a party ...

Have a look at some coeliac and gluten intolerance info websites and you'll see that these conditions and CFS have many similar symptoms... My wild guess is that CFS can be ,in some cases if not most, a direct result from gluten related gut problems.

Catching my drift I hope so :-)

To be continued.

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