Sunday, June 14, 2009

There is hope for people suffering from CFS

There is hope for people suffering of CFS
(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

This week I read a promising article, which announced the creation of a simple urine test to see if people suffer from CFS. A breakthrough as this syndrome is considered at least in Belgium as a psychosomatic condition and not a neurological one… CFS sufferers are regarded as lazy and not ill. This hopefully changes soon now that professors Kenny de Meulder (VUB) and Chris Roeland discovered that people suffering from CFS have a higher level of Hydrogen Sulfate (H2S) in the urine. H2S has a negative affect on the central nervous system, which has as effects tiredness, all kinds of muscle problems, memory loss, headaches…

The interesting part is that this H2S is caused by an alteration of the gut micro flora by several factors like antibiotic use, stress and diet. I had CFS for several years and I only got rid of it by changing my diet… as soon as I started to eat gluten free (and I was already eating less diary products) the symptoms disappeared.

I think diet is not the only key to overcoming CFS, together with a balancing osteopathy session and in some cases coaching to get a full Body, Mind and Spirit approach I’m sure many people will be helped in improving their own self healing mechanism and overcome the symptoms and eventually CFS.

I will dig a little deeper in the matter very soon and keep you posted.

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