Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your health is your responsibility.

80% of all illnesses are related to stress. The World Health Organization declared professional stress as one of the biggest dangers of the 21st century. In 2008 insurance companies spent 5,2 billion euro for the treatment of depression and this figure is rising yearly. 
Time for change! It is time for taking up the responsibility for our own health. This doesn’t mean that doctors and therapists shouldn’t be consulted anymore when it is necessary. Interaction with others is the basis of our society and part of that is seeking professional medical care when needed, going to the garage when our car is broken and going to the shops to get food. 
Taking up the responsibility for our own health means that we start implementing what we already know, instead of simply knowing it. For example, smoking is bad for you, we all know it and so do smokers. This is what I’m talking about: we know, but some are not taking the step to stop smoking. It is the same with drinking enough water, having regular exercise, eating healthy food etc. but the same counts for thoughts, positive thoughts do have a positive impact on us, negative thoughts take us down. The list is endless and different for each person.
Stress refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. Stress is the consequence of inaction because if we were more active and implemented that what we know is good for us, then our organism would be far more resilient. 
We can help our bodies to cope better if we want to. We can lower stress levels easily. We can take the responsibility for our health into our own hands. It only needs a shift from an external solution driven mindset to an internal one. What can I do to improve my health? What can I implement into my daily practice to cope better? These internal questionings do not exclude the outside interaction. Who can I go and see to help me on my path to bring back balance in my body? Who can teach me tools that I can apply to improve my health?  
Did you know that a simple breathing exercise that does not take you more than 9 minutes (3 x 3 minutes) in a whole day can make a difference? 
So what’s your excuse? 
Tom Meyers
Osteopath & BioMotions® Body-Coach
Elementary healthcare and training for the promotion of health from within

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