Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Being in my Body

Today I received an email with the following message: “I’ve decided to develop my ‘being in my body’ - what can you suggest?”
A short sentence that can be answered with a few words (see below), but I think the person would like a bit more insight. Therefore I thought it an idea to write out my ideas - in more general terms to answer his request.  At the same time I want to include you, the readers of my blog, as I think the question is (really) one that concerns us all. We might phrase the question differently, but at the end of the day we’re feeling the need for change and this is what I think is the essence here.
Did you know that 80% of all illnesses are due to stress? You might think it has nothing to do with the initial question, yet I think it does. Stress is a consequence of a failing organism. Stress is a result of a body which is not coping with the demands we put on it. These demands can be emotional, physical, behavioural, energetic... 
Not coping can be translated physiologically as a continuous activation of the fight & flight mode (increasing sympathetic neuronal activity, adrenaline, cortisol, breath rate,...) which in turn lowers the immune system, has a negative impact on the parts of the brain that are regulating our emotions, memory, cognitive functions,... A continuously activated physiological stress response will detach us from our being, from being conscious, as all our regulatory system will go on 'automatic pilot'.
So, ‘being in the body’ requires a body that can cope with the demands put on it. This coping level can be achieved, but it requires a conscious effort of ourselves and I would go even further -  it requires a conscious effort of those around us, too. Like my body where a trillion cells are working together, so do we need to start working as a team. 
So how can we help ourselves? By implementing ‘down-time’ or in neuro-language, by increasing parasympathetic activity (relaxation) which must be followed by sympathetic activity  (activates) but (doesn’t ) this is not always the case  these days. 
This can be done by various means  for example, certain breathing exercises, reading a book, just taking a stroll (more suggestions: https://sites.google.com/site/biomotionsbodycoaching/self-help-tools). Going for a massage can do the trick but more so the BioMotions Body-Coaching approach as it works directly on the regulation of the physiological stress response. Seeking help is helping ourselves. One can also apply body-coaching or a massage to oneself - depending on the situation.
Helping oneself is going into partnership with the body and taking up the responsibility of our own wellbeing (as mentioned before this also includes seeking help from others) instead of leaving it to its own devices which we have the tendency to do. This is a conscious act and thus part of developing consciousness in general. Consciousness by applying precautionary measures that allow for the physiological stress response to regulate itself after activation and thus allowing the immune system to function normally, the limbic system (emotion and memory) and cortex to be fully engaged (chronic stress among other things creates vasoconstriction of the tiny blood vessels in these areas of the brain which decrease blood flow, which lower oxygen and glucose to be delivered to the cells thus we become less cognitive). 
A word about why others need to implemented in our wellbeing or why we need to help others. Downshifting is the term that is used when we are becoming more 'primitive' (eg in our behaviours, responses) as a result of chronic stress. When we’re downshifting we’re also becoming less cognitive. It can be even so bad that we become so unconscious that we don’t even realise we’re downshifting. Look around, at your colleagues, at work, the downshifters are those that suddenly make mistakes, are short tempered, look edgy, are overloaded (even though the workload hasn’t changed),... Most of them don’t even realise the trouble they are in, but it has an impact an all the people around them. This is the time when it is essential that others are involved to help. I would say don’t wait till it gets that far out of hand. We have to start helping each other as soon as we see that people are having  a difficult moment. Again there are many ways to do this and Body-Coaching is one such extremely efficient tool for this purpose. The great part about learning and applying body-coaching is that you learn also to detect these signs with yourself, you become more conscious and thus become closer to the being in the body. 
By helping others you help yourself.
This brings me to another aspect that isn’t to be underestimated in the quest to the development of being in the body.  This aspect relates to soulpurpose. What are you here for? What are your talents? What have you got the world to offer? Are you taking up your unique place in the universal matrix? I’m not a coach  who offers this kind of support  yet  if you feel the need for this then don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll see who I can recommend to you.
Another part of this aspect, however, is the personal Reconnection. To really take your place on the universal grid it requires that you have access to your full potential. This potential can be empowered by the activation of a dormant meridian system. Activation  of this system will also realign you with the Ley lines and the universal energy matrix. 
This is important in the quest to 'being in the body, as the being needs these new frequencies to evolve. Evolving in consciousness is becoming LIGHTer... 
The being in the body is not from the physical realm.  The being houses within a physical shell but that shell needs to have its frequency increased so that the being can shine and take its proper élan to help us becoming who we were meant to be. It is a process of ‘consciousness’ to becoming the lightbeing that we are.
So the process I can offer (out of the myriad of options) is twofold, the personal Reconnection and Body-Coaching sessions.  I would, however, recommend to add the 2 day workshop to the process. Working with the body-coaching tool will give you other  insight into your own consciousness process. And by helping others you help yourself.
I hope that answers the question.
PS next workshop is planned on 12 -13 February 2010. More info on 

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