Thursday, January 13, 2011

When disaster strikes - Body-Coaching can offer relief

Floods in Australia or here in Belgium. Wherever disaster strikes, people are involved stress responses are triggered, survival is at stake. When the water is gone the stress response must normalize but will it? 

Thousands of people will remain traumatized (with stress responses that are in hyperactivity) by the experience. Traumatized while needing to build up their life again. Needing 100% focus, clarity and sound body and mind. When trauma hits we are focused, hyper alert, only, problems start for many people a few months later (when reserves are depleted), the time of rebuilding. In my practice I notice that many people have a serious break-down or burn-out 3 months after severe stress or trauma has occurred.  However I also see that a few session of body-coaching helps them to pick up a normal life again. I have no statistics of this and I have no scientific data to support my case only stories of people that have been helped. Self-inquiry and research have lead to my understanding why it works and this info plus the practical application are now available to you in form of a 2 day workshop.

But my heart goes out to the people that are suffering. If I had the financial support I would leave for disaster areas like Australia and set up camp. Offering body-coaching as a community service and teaching it to whoever wants to learn so that people can help themselves and offer help amongst each other. Body-Coaching alone might for some not be enough it is after all not a replacement of professional medical care, but it is a good start. It's a first aid tool for the bodymind. And like a plaster it is sometimes all it needs to get well or to facilitate healing.

One day I hope to be part of a team of experts that go into areas where disaster has struck. Like the B-fast team . It would be a long-time dream come true.

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