Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is Osteopathic Body-Coaching?

Before I explain what Osteopathic Body-Coaching is let me go back to the essence of osteopathy and the different approaches within osteopathy. 

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Osteopathy is a manual facilitated health care approach based on the principles that: 
  • The body a is a dynamic unit
  • In the body all parts are interrelated and interdependent
  • The body possesses a self regulatory and self healing mechanism.
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (A.T. Still)
The osteopath is there to aid the perturbed self regulatory and self healing mechanism and relieves through the use of different techniques the disturbances of motion.
Cranial Osteopathy (W.G. Sutherland)
Cranial Osteopathy is a more refined form of osteopathy that uses the stimulation of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM) to encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body and head.
Biodynamic Osteopathy (J. Jealous)
In Biodynamic Osteopathy no force or manipulation is applied. The osteopath is a catalyst for the self healing and self regulatory system to go through 'the Neutral' from where healing can start. 
Osteopathic Body-Coaching 
Developed by Tom Meyers Osteopathic Body-Coaching brings together the three osteopathic trends: structural, cranio-sacral and biodynamic. It is especially suited for conditions triggered by the effects of stress: neck and back pain, digestive problems, headaches, slow healing of injuries, insomnia, cognitive impairment,...

Osteopathic Body-Coaching is a Body-Mind approach. Mind-Body approaches like positive affirmations and Mindfullness are very popular and well researched. A body-Mind approach - although as old as life itself - is a lesser known. Current therapies are based on the dualistic view that body and mind are separate and it is only know that through neurosciences that scientists come to understand that body and mind are a unit.

Osteopathic Body-Coaching as previously mentioned is recommended for people suffering from stress. Chronic stress creates physical tension (neck, shoulder, back,...) but also has a negative influence on the immune system, digestion (stomach ulcers) and the way we think (concentration problems, difficulty making decisions,...)  and feel (moody, no energy, it's all too much, procrastination,...). Osteopathic Body-Coaching facilitates the innate healing mechanism to Reaset (Return to Ease) the stress response and thus has a positive influence on all the above.

Osteopathic body-coaching has also an energetic component through biofield facilitation (some known it by the name of aura). We are not only body and mind... we after all energy.


An osteopathic body-coach is also an elementary health care coach. We must unlearn that we can't help ourselves and learn that we can and more that we can help others too. This sharing of health information is done during the consultations but also in trainings where everyone is welcome. For more information visit www.biomotions.com

Biofield: "It's a complex energy structure of different fields, different natures, and different origins. There are electromagnetic and gravitational fields, as well as fields of molecules and, to some extent, fields of unknown parameters. So the biological field of a living thing, also known as its "aura," is an invisible structure that correlates its activity to create a unique and united system." - Dr. K. Korotkoc 


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