Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tickle your Amygdala

A book by Neil Slade

Now here is an amazing story. A few years ago in my search of information about self help tools to return to the state of ease I stumbled upon the books by Neil Slade. 

The book, 'The secret of the dormant brain lab' is Neil's remarkable personal story on how he got in contact with D.A.T. Stingo a renegade scientist who taught people (on a remote mountain) a technique to turn on incredible creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and even paranormal abilities that is as easy as clicking on a light switch!  (for the link to the book see below)

The other book I read was 'The frontal lobe supercharge' which is about the technique D.A.T. Stingo taught. (for the link to the book see below)

I really liked these books and saw a lot of similarities in the technique described with my own work as an osteopathic body-coach. I gave the book top marks in Amazon where I had bought it and left small comment about how much I liked it etc.

So imagine my surprise when Neil contacted me at the end of last year wanting an interview for his next book.

Today I received the kindle version of the book 'Tickle your Amygdala' which has the transcription of the interview we had and that of many others including doctors, actors incl. Terry Jones form Monty Python) , artists, a neurosurgeon,... The book starts with a fun and simple explanation of what amygdala tickling is all about and part two is a more detailed explanation of it + 52 transcribed  interviews + practical practical exercises.

Really looking forward now to read the book and all the other people's stories. 

If you like a copy of the book follow the link below. It's the kindle version that can also be read on an Ipad.

Happy reading and tickling. 


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, just a small correction: the name should be T.D.A. Lingo, I believe.