Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Osteopath

An osteopath is a complementary medicine practitioner.  
The osteopath’s objective is to enhance health. 
The patient tells us he has pain or feels unwell.
The osteopath explores manually what is leading to the obstruction of the bodies natural order, creating the impediment of health (pain).
  • Taking in account the whole person
Ex.  Migraine can be caused by a displaced neck vertebrae
Neck and shoulder pain can be due a chronic stress response
Back pain can be caused by disregulation of the digestive system
The osteopath will manually stimulate the bodies inherent healing mechanism to restore order and thus facilitate health. 
  • Physical: Skeleton, muscles, ligaments, fascia,...
  • Physiological: Hormones, nerves...
  • Energetic
Health is a process and therefore it is suggested to have a minimum of two osteopathy consultations for the best possible care.
‘Prevention is better than cure’
We lead busy and stressful lives and often go unconsciously beyond the threshold of health. This may result in the onset of a downward spiral with first no signs or symptoms then minor discomforts come up that are brushed of with «it will pass». Then one day, weeks or months later the downward spiral has reached a level of intensity that can not be ignored anymore? 
A regular visit to the Osteopath is no luxury in these hectic and challenging times and is recommended as part of a preventive healthcare approach.  
Osteopathic Body-Coaching
Osteopathic Body-Coaching is recommended when you suffer from chronic stress. Stress due to the interaction of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol can lead to:
  • Physical ailments: neck, shoulder, back problems
  • Slow healing of injuries
  • Headaches
  • General malaise
  • Concentration problems
  • Anxiety and depression
Osteopathic Body-Coaching stimulates health through a one to one osteopathy consultations, Reasets (Return to Ease) the fight and flight response and adds an energetic healing component through facilitation of the biofield. 

In addition Elementary Healthcare insights and easy to implement self-help Reaset tools are given for you to help yourself to cope better in times of stress and thus stay healthy longer. 
Elementary Healthcare workshops and lectures in combination with Osteopathic Body-Coaching can be part of a preventive healthcare approach in companies.

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