Monday, May 7, 2012

Beyond health and healing: part 1

Healing is a personal process that affects all.
Healing is the process to return to wholeness. 
Q: When are we whole?
A microcosmic observation to give meaning to a macrocosmos phenomenon 
The body is an organization'  formed for a particular purpose and activity: Housing the Soul''

The body organization is such that all parts work as one. Although every part has the potential within itself to be any other part - and more - however it is what it is designed for and functions as such.'''
A human being is part of the ‘societal’ organization in the world. Every human being has the potential within him/herself to be any other human being - and more - however he/she is and functions according to what he/she is designed for.
Wholeness is... 
A human being who functions according to what he / she is designed for and is one with and within the ‘societal’ organization of the world. Or in other words a single and complete individual component of a larger complex whole, the world, where everything interrelates with all other.
Healing is the return of the individual to his or her wholeness. 
The condition of the individual has an impact on the interrelated complex whole. Change in that condition is thus change of the complex whole through its interrelatedness.
Healing the individual is a process that affects all.  

To be continued...

' An arrangement of interconnected cells / molecules (water, energy,... are not cells)
' '   The immaterial part of a being

''' It can take on another function then for which it is designed but it will underperform compared to the original part.

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